Your Fascia Focussed Dissection Course leaders

Experienced leaders in the fields of dissection, movement, bodywork and fascia focussed dissection explorations.

Gary Carter and Jihan Adem originally met in the dissection lab at Imperial College London in the early 2000's and then later at St Andrews University, Scotland.

They have worked in and around labs together now for over 15 years. Their most recent project together has been working within the Fascial Net Plastination Project creating the world's first fascia focussed human body plastinate FR:EIA (FASCIA REVEALED EDUCATING INTERCONNECTED ANATOMY)

The Fascial Net Plastination Project has been a collaboration of an international team of scientists, anatomists, professors, physicians, physical therapists, movement educators, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, and dissection experts from around the world.

Having been intrinsically involved in the production of FR:EIA, who has now been unveiled in Montreal at the fifth International Fascia Research Congress in September 2022, and who currently resides in the BODYWORLDS Exhibit in Berlin, Gary and Jihan have now created the opportunity for you to be able to join them in the lab at this prestigious venue.


Jihan Adem

The dissection room has been of the greatest interest to Jihan since her first explorations in the early 2000’s. Having initially trained as a bodywork therapist, human tissue explorations in the lab sparked a keen interest in anatomy for her which then led to her delving much deeper into anatomical studies.

gary carter

Gary Carter

Gary has over 30 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. With a background in athletics, competition cycling, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga and manual therapies, he himself has studied with many inspiring teachers, trainers and masters in their fields

The worlds first
Fascia Focussed Human Body Plastinate



Gary Carter was the team lead designer and co-lead dissector for the Fascial Net Plastination Project and Jihan Adem, team lead dissector.

Together, alongside many individuals that are now dear friends as well as colleagues, FR:EIA was created. 

The creation of FR:EIA


Throughout the centuries, artist, poets and scholars have contemplated and studied the human form. At the height of the Renaissance, Andreas Vesalius gave the world a new way to see the body. His book, De Humani Corporis Fabrica, was the first medical text of its kind.

Filled with detailed anatomical drawings of dissections from cadavers, it revolutionised the way anatomy was taught. Prior to Vesalius, human dissection was largely forbidden; therefore, much of the human anatomy was based on observations from animals. Vesalius‘ book revealed the complexity that lies within us bringing accurate anatomy to light. This work remains one of the most important books in the history of anatomy.

Since then, anatomical understanding has continued to evolve. The illustration and comprehension of muscles, organs, bones, nerves, and vasculature has been further defined, modelled, and classified. While this was necessary to deepen our collective knowledge, this development has created a view that we are an intricate collection of parts assembled like a machine.

As a result, while many structures of the body have been represented with more accuracy and clarity, the body-wide system in which they are contained has gradually begun to fade from view. What is most often missing is the collagen-rich connective tissue known as fascia, and its large network, the facial system.

Over recent decades, there has been renewed interest in the facial system and the insights it can bring. In 2017 collaboration formed, which was destined to again change the way the world sees the human form. The quest was named the Fascial Net Plastination project (FNPP), combining forces from the expert anatomists, dissectors, and masters of plastination from the PLASTINARIUM laboratories the creators of the world-renowned BODYWORLDS exhibitions, and a team of scientific fascia researchers, practitioners, and facial dissectors from the Fascia Research Society.

Sharing a vision to bring focus to a system that has avoided adequate illustration for decades, they devised a plan to depict the scope of the human facial system as an integral, body wide structure in three dimensions. Their mission required the highest levels of knowledge, skills and creativity.

At long last, after over four years of planning and preparation, dissection, and plastination, FR:EIA, Fascia Revealed: Educating Interconnected Anatomy, is taking her place in history as the worlds first illustration of her kind - a whole-body, human, fascial-focussed Plastinate.

FR:EIA Unveils the connections within the body that were previously unseen, exposing fascial continuities throughout the entirety of the human form.

She reminds us that we are more than separate parts; we are a seamless, exquisitely, interconnected whole.

Endorsements from experts in the fields of Fascia, Anatomy and Dissection:

"I am so excited for the experience you are going to have exploring your inner universe. I remember the night before my first dissection course. I had a mixture of excitement and dread, I mean, what if I couldn’t make the cut?!
Of course, I went on to have an amazing experience and one I’ve repeated many times since because there’s always something new to learn and discover.
What will you discover?

You couldn’t have better guides, than Gary and Jihan!”

Author of Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters and Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications and host of the BodyTalk podcast.


"Jihan Adem is a skilled dissector and a pleasure to work with as an esteemed colleague.
She is a gifted teacher and well acquainted with the Plastinarium,
dissection and applications into practice.”

Adjunct Associate Professor Pace University, visiting Associate Professor Rush Medical, author of The Myofascial system in form and movement


"I commend your courage in taking up the study of anatomy in this way.
You are bound to know yourself
and respect the gift of the human body more
for your efforts,

especially with the excellent guidance of Gary and Jihan.
I’m excited for you all”

Director of Integral Anatomy