We pledge that we will always offer you a small group experience. With no more than 6 people per table, with two course leaders and a very experienced assistant who works at the Plastinarium, our aim is give YOU hands on time in the lab.

Our group space outside of the is lab is spacious. Throughout the days together we encourage enquiry and discussion whilst delivering near-daily topical lectures.

Human tissue specimens are picked uniquely for each workshop depending on the group who are attending and the content of each course. We have the great good fortune of being able to order individual specimens, some whole body and some regional specimens.

You can benefit from expert guidance provided from both the tutors but also resident and visiting anatomists, which is useful for both guidance and inquiry.

Throughout the workshop both in and out of the lab, the group has access to the world-class specimens unique to the PLASTINARIUM and BODYWORLDS. There is no other place internationally that has such a vast collection of anatomical specimens under one roof.

Please complete the contact form at the footer of this page if you would like to register your interest in attending one of our scheduled labs. 

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Each workshop is specifically tailored to the group arriving, in advance of your arrival.

Arriving on Sunday in Berlin:
As a group we will meet in Berlin outside the BODYWORLDS exhibition at Alexanderplatz.
This is home to FR:EIA, the worlds first Fascial Focussed Human Body Plastinate.
Don't worry, full details of all of these points will be sent to you on receipt of your booking. What this does though is gives us a chance to meet FR:EIA up close and with both Gary and Jihan - both integral to her coming into being as co Lead Designer and both co Lead Dissectors as part of a team, the Fascial Net Plastination Project.

After a privately guided tour of the exhibition and time spent exploring some of FR:EIAS 44 educational points relating to fascia anatomy, you have the opportunity to refresh before we head as a group via train to Guben.

Arriving on Sunday evening at the PLASTINARIUM in Guben together gives time to settle in and meet over an informal supper onsite within the accommodation section of the Plastinarium. Taking this opportunity to meet as a group means that we will indeed hit the ground at a fine pace on Monday morning.

The Plastinarium is a world class venue and this will be our working home for the week. The vast amount of space that the Plastinarium covers gives us huge scope to really explore both the outside world and our inside, more personal journey. This venue will give us areas where we will eat, sleep, dissect and create connections!
You can choose to stay onsite or offsite (we recommend staying onsite).
Full accommodation options and details will be sent to you on application.

On Monday Morning:
We start the day with a private group tour of the Plastinarium where you will be introduced to details of the plastination process from start to finish. After some time to orientate ourselves within the complex, introductions and orientation we start the deep dive into the course...

Throughout the week:
Each lecture given in our group room, each lab experience in the dissection room, each movement session you take part in will deepen your understanding of the human form in a profoundly holistic way.

There will be a chance to explore tissue and take part in small projects within the week with the aim of giving you the experience of witnessing and most importantly experiencing, the continuity of the human form.

We have a rich and varied offering of examples and libraries of human tissue examples that we will draw upon throughout our time together.

During the days of the week we will move between the different spaces we have use of around the Plastinarium.

In the lab we spend time recognising different textures of tissues and their unique properties and functions. By revealing the various fascial densities we can then discuss their properties in an embodied way demonstrating movement potential. There is a large emphasis on observation before dissection with the benefits of blunt dissection explained also.

As we mentioned, each workshop is specifically tailored to the group arriving but will always include:

  • Dissection Lab time
  • Lectures
  • Group movement practices
  • Evenings
    These can be spent relaxing onsite or venturing into Guben and Gubin (Poland) to visit various restaurants that are all walking distance away. We venture out to eat group meals some nights whilst other nights you are free to spend the evening as you wish. A huge benefit of this particular venue is the rich resource that is The Plastinarium.
    You are never far from incredible displays and museum pieces - all available for us onsite.

As we progress through the week you will be able to see the intricate work of the teams that professionally create the plastinated specimens for medical and artistic presentations. The emphasis for your lab work will be on deepening and strengthening your anatomical knowledge and tissue awareness whilst creating and honing dissection skills.

The dissection, meeting and movement rooms are at the heart of this extraordinary venue in Guben, Germany.

Should you wish to attend a workshop with colleagues and you would like to specifically study an area of anatomical interest, we may be able to design a course for your individual requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Feedback from previous course participants...

"This course took what I’d been learning, studying, and practicing over the years as a yoga teacher and put it squarely on its feet. For anyone involved in movement, massage, or bodywork I can’t recommend this course highly enough. In just five days I dived deep and came away not just reframing my ideas of the way the body is integrated and moves but with whole new framework for the language of the body and a profound respect for the interconnectedness of the many layers of the body and of life itself. ” 

Bram Williams, Yoga teacher - Bodhi Yoga

"A truly facinating and enlightening experience. The theory and practical taught me so much about fascia and other aspects of the human body. The Plastinarium is the most incredible venue to learn about it. Thank you Jihan and Gary.

Amanda Dovell, Shiatsu Practitioner

"I would recommend this course for any bodyworker, anyone interested in the form of the human body, anyone wanting a physical appreciating view under the skin. The venue is unique and outstanding, the guidance of Jihan and Gary gives an opportunity available to only a very select few. There are not many places in the world you can get this experience. Worth it for the unique opportunity it gives.” 

Andrew Zaranko BDS, Dentist

"Stand out moments? Being able to choose our projects and having the opportunity to receive tuition from Jihan and Gary almost on request’.  The size of our group made the experience very intimate and I learnt so much in this environment.  Also, having FR:EIA introduced by two of the people who created her was a truly amazing experience.
The presentations by Gary in the classroom each day were insightful and inspirational!

Jihan and Gary, youre awesome and I cant thank you enough for facilitating folk from our industries to have access to this most precious learning environment.

The Body worlds Plastinarium is such a special place to come for the course as well.  Having previously only dissected at a University Hospital, learning in an environment that is dedicated to learning had a very different feel to it and made the experience much more comfortable and easier to manage on an emotional level."

Caz Hitchcock
Movement Educator | Creator of The Gravity Technique